Australian made wooden products in Kangaroo Valley

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Place your favourite beverage on a beautiful wooden coaster.

  • Animal Engraved Coaster Set

    Animal Engraved

    Boxed set of 4 coasters, 3 animals on each. Wombat, Kangaroo, Sugar Glider, Tasmanian Tiger, Koala, Echidna, Kookaburra, Dingo, Platypus, Tasmanian Devil, Emu and Ringtail Possum. Diameter: 90mm diameter

  • Banksia Coasters


    4 coasters in set. Diameter: 75-80mm.

  • Blackwood Engraved Coaster Set

    Blackwood Engraved

    Boxed set of 4.

  • Huon Pine Engraved Coaster Set

    Huon Pine Engraved

    Boxed set of 4.

  • Jarrah Coasters

    Jarrah Roll Up

    4 in a set.

  • Red Ironbark Coasters

    Red Ironbark

    6 in a set.

  • Sassafras Engraved Coaster Set

    Sassafras Engraved

  • Blackwood Coaster Set

    Turned: Blackwood

    Boxed set of 4.

  • Huon Pine Coaster Set

    Turned: Huon Pine

    Boxed set of 4.

  • Sassafras Coaster Set

    Turned: Sassafras

    Set of 6.

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Australia Clock

Australia Clock
  • Large

    Out of stock

    Colour may vary. Approximately 400mm wide

  • Medium

    Colour may vary. Approximately 300mm wide

  • Small

    Colour may vary. Approximately 220mm wide

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